Saturday, June 27, 2015

How I Used To Hawk Items In Traffic- K-Peace

Moments after K-Peace emerged winner of the fifth season of Nigeria's leading music TV Reality Show, Nigerian Idol, some revelations about the past life of the 32 year old who took the competition by storm with a unique genre of music, FujiR&B which is a fusion of contemporary and Fuji music.  
Speaking about his life in the 'wilderness', K-Peace, who hails from Ogun State recalled that he had had to embrace hawking of such edible items as Gala, pure water and soft drinks in the traffic after the loss of his father placed a heavy financial burden on the family.
"I came from a family of five children and we were well-catered for. My father was an engineer with Leventis Motors at the time, but he lost his job and later tried his hands on trading in motor parts. We eventually lost him to cardiac arrest. That marked the beginning of many difficult years ahead for every one of us, including our mother whose duty it was to provide for us," recalled K-Peace as he began a sad narrative of his family struggles.
"During this time, I covered from Mile 2 to Maza-Maza and Alakija, selling Chin-chin. I later started selling Gala, Pure water and soft drinks around the "Chopping Centre" neighbourhood of Festac Town," he said. 
K-Peace had started out sealing and supplying Chin-Chin to some roadside traders, but opted to go into direct selling when he realised he would make more money doing so. 
Prior to this, he had worked as a casual worker in a factory at Maza-Maza where he worked daily from 7 am to 5 pm for a paltry sum of N120.00 with an option of overtime at N30.00. per day. He was on that job for a year before switching to roadside trading (Hawking).
All that had changed prior to his coming to the Show, but his glorious triumph and the attendant rewards, monetary and non-monetary will obviously boost his finances and music career. 

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