Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Adejosh In Karolina Visuals

Introducing London-based 21-year old Nigerian Afrobeats singer, songwriter, and musicianAdeJosh, with the brand new music video for his debut single 'Karolina', which was produced by long-time collaborator ATG Musick, and is due to be released on iTunes on July 25 via Spotlight First Entertainment.
'Karolina', the first official solo single fromAdeJosh comes on the back of his addictive collaborative single 'Silver And Gold' with Lcxnand Obado, last December's massive hit 'Make We Go' with Rugez STP, and stellar collaborations with YFSSelecta Aff and Jibbz Olowo, and has put AdeJosh firmly on the map, with strong support coming from Afrobeats listeners worldwide.
Directed by Danny Wonders forWonderVision on location at the renowned Lost Theatre in London, with dance choreography and art direction from Susan King, the 'Karolina' music video sees AdeJosh starring as a talent show contestant trying to get to his 'Karolina' amidst a flurry of dancers, while imagining himself performing at a live concert, as the future superstar he is destined to be.
Having been making music from the tender age of 13, honing his craft all through his formative years, first as part of his church choir and then as the lead singer of his renowned secondary school choir, Robert Clack School Choir,AdeJosh is now poised to conquer the Afrobeats scene, both in Africa and worldwide. Enjoy the visuals for his debut single 'Karolina' below.
Watch AdeJosh's video for 'Karolina' on Youtube:

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