Friday, April 22, 2016

Grand Health Bazaar event beckons

GHB2016 is a 3-in-1 'fun but formal' Cross-Cutting Multi-sectoral International Event that brings Individuals and organizations from different sectors of the economy together with an undertone of health. Our eloquent and well poised Keynote Speakers from different Organizations will enlighten and update us on new innovations in their fields as well as do absolute justice to the theme of this year's GHB.

The Grand Health Bazaar is LWI's contribution to the new innovative paradigm that will birth a New Nigeria and Africa. It is the organisation's concept for bridging the gap between the Corporate Sector, Industry, Academia and the Health Sector. Our latest installment - GHB2016 - is built on the success of past auspicious events, GHB2015, GHB2014, GHB2013, GHB2012 and GHB2011, which were ALL held in Victoria Island, Lagos.
In all at least 60 Top CEOs and up to 300 Companies have participated in all past GHB editions to date.

#GHB2016 is open to everyone. It will comprise of Exhibition Stands from the Organized Sector to Vocational Sector, a health fair with free Healthcare, free basic health screening, free Drug dispensation, a free certificate of attendance and so much more.

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