Monday, April 18, 2016

Mr. 2Kay's EP gets rave reviews

Since the release of Mr. 2Kay's Count It All Joy EP on February 11, 2016, rave reviews have been pouring in from entertainment sites and music aficionados around the country; a testament to the Grafton Entertainment act's great work on the project.
In his review, Joey Akan of Pulse TV called the EP "a balanced EP which panders to both conformist radio and independent, substance-driven music." He lauded Mr 2Kay's approach saying, "2kay takes on a record, evolving with each sound to fit into the dictates of mainstream demands while also retaining his strength and showmanship which has elements of South-South Nigeria. He offers everyone a range of his talents, and by this act, creates a solid foundation for his true launch into a musical force."
He went on to praise Mr. 2Kay for his "poignant storytelling", also saying: "Here we have creation become entertainment become storytelling become lessons become emotion. 2kay entertains and educates via his conscious subjects and underlining moral lessons. And he makes it all become breezy, very danceable and fun on 'Moniegram'."
Dami Ajayi of Olisa TV, writing a review of the EP, called it "2016's best local dance album", and about Mr 2Kay; "Nigeria's response to Wayne Wonder save his allure for mid-tempo rhythms, which are heavy on percussion with a hint of highlife."
Noble Igwe of 360Nobs gave the EP a solid 8/10 rating, further adding, "after listening to Mr. 2Kay's Count It All Joy EP, I decided not to keep it to myself."

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