Thursday, April 21, 2016

(Video) 'Without You' – A Short Film by Uche Odoh

Time heals everything they say but is that really true? How do you live knowing you won't see a loved one ever again? 
'Without You' is a short film about a young man dealing with the loss of his girlfriend. He returns to their favourite place to reminisce about their good times.

Watch HERE

Story: Uche Odoh

Actors: Elma Mbadiwe, Akah Nnani

Shot and directed by Uche Odoh

About Uche Odoh

Uche Odoh is a model turned photographer and Vancouver Film school trained Filmmaker. She's currently in pre-production for her second short film '3 for Back', which is set to be released later this year under Eastside Productions. 

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