Friday, May 13, 2016

NABC opens new Communication Center‎

The Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) has launched its new 'Communication Center.' The Center will provide its 410 members with an affordable way to send press releases to over 7,000 journalists across Africa. Next to distribution, the Communication Center can also assist clients in writing or editing their press release and in monitoring the output.

The number of Dutch companies doing business in Africa has seen a steady growth over the years. As a result of this the membership of NABC, the organisation that promotes Dutch trade with Africa, has also been increasing annually. "We currently have 410 members, but we keep growing. We recently saw a number of innovative start-ups joining us," said NABC director Irene Visser.

NABC members get discounts to services like market research in Africa, language courses or advice on human resource management. Today, the Communication Center has been added to this list. Visser: "We are very happy we can now offer this extra service. We do this in cooperation with Africa Business Communities (ABC) and Africa journalist Arne Doornebal. He will become the contact person for this new service and can also assist customers in writing press releases."

Marc Stubbé, founder of Africa Business Communities: "We have spent many years to build our database It has the contact details of 7,000 journalists across Africa. Now we just need get the right press releases to the right journalists." Therefore, journalists are encouraged to complete their profile so they receive the news messages they are most interested in. Stubbé: "Press releases can be sent to reporters from a specific country or with interest in a certain sector. After distribution it is important so check the results. For this tracking we have created the 'Africa News monitoring' tool."

Former Africa correspondent Arne Doornebal is excited about this new cooperation. "I always enjoyed writing articles about entrepreneurs who have the guts to invest in Africa. I am glad I can continue to look for these stories," said Doornebal. He also writes the official NABC press releases.  

Irene Visser: "News media in Africa are becoming more professional by the day and this emphasizes the need for a good PR-strategy. We think getting access to the communication center will provide a lot of added value for NABC-members." 

The official website of the NABC-CC can be found here:

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