Monday, May 2, 2016

Omega1 Entertainment berths with ‘Samba’

It is no doubt the rhythm of a new dawn as Omega1 Entertainment, a Cameroonian outfit, berths with ‘Samba,’ an ambitious 52 episodes TV Series. The star-studded production was conceived to set and lead the pace of TV series entertainment in Cameroon.
The carefully planned project, shot in Limbe, South West Region of Cameroon, brings together the top brass of Anglophone Cameroon actors and a passionate crew that is determined to surpass their best so that Cameroon's audiovisual prominence would be perpetuated on the African and world entertainment stage.
Samba (the rhythm of a new dawn) is directed by multiple award-winning Enah JohnScot and starred the crème-de-la-creme of Cameroon’s motion picture industry. Nigeria’s versatile entertainer, Helen Paul, is the only foreigner in the series. The array of stars in the production includes Epule Jeffrey, Ade Kelly Evenye, Nsang Dillong, Libota MacDonald, Elung Brenda Shey, Desmond Wyte, Vugah Samson, Cosson Chinepoh and Nina Marie.
Written by Proxy Melvin Buh, ‘Samba’ tells inspiring and educative stories of marriage counsellors –Mr and Mrs Fosto who successfully win communal admiration for their 33 years of professional union.
Every household look up to them as role models and marriage gods who have never intervened in any marriage case and left it unchanged. This promising paradise of a happy profession and union is gradually embedded by black clouds. Their 31 years old son, Stephan makes futile the whole hype by playing non-disciple to his parents’ teaching through his wayward lifestyle (when it comes to women).
‘Samba’ is a fast-rising fashion designing company owned by Katrine and Noella; divas in their late twenties married to the wrong men –Leo, an extreme male chauvinist and Maxwell, a married man still obsessed with his ex Lauretta.
Time flies and a number of skeletons get exposed causing good to feel evil and evil to appear good. But Stephan still has one more battle, to win the heart of Maria, his long time obsession and senior student from secondary school who now pops up as an agent for ALMON USA (an international marketing firm) which sets in to propel ‘Samba’ to higher heights.

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