Monday, June 13, 2016

(Video) Bimbo Akintola shares amazing weight loss and fitness secrets

Delectable actress Bimbo Akintola shared tips of how she achieved weight loss with her fans on Instagram. She also added a video of herself working out on exercise bicycle.

What she wrote via @bimboakintola - 😘The single question I'm asked everyday is how I lost weight and the answer is quite easy, DETERMINATION. I made up my mind to live healthy and I'm determined to do so forever. Find healthier options for dessert and snacks. DRINK WATER!!! I also exercise Monday-Friday. #healthierchoices #healthyme #ilooklikeaninjaturtle #protectweakknees #loveyourself

Responding to a fan, she added, “@alexandrew1315 I know. beauty for me is not about size but confidence. I'm not preaching 'skinny' I'm preaching healthy. A man who only looks at the outside is not worthy of any woman. 😗
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