Monday, July 4, 2016

Maya drops official debut single

Legacy Planet Limited recording artist Maya, is out with her official debut single #Hello from her forth coming album project.
Lawal Morayo Omolade also known as Maya is soul contemporary musician who hails from Ogun state Abeokuta. She is the first born of four children. She is great lover of GOD.She loves the great sound of music it keeps her alive at all times.
Story behind the song Hello:
It was a song that was given by The HolySpirit after so much struggling with a confused life. It is a call to us all that He love you, “peace be unto you”. He is always there to hold you through your situations. GOD is still listening and solving problems. So forget your problems and answer His “Hello” call because He really loves us.
The song is produced by Tweet Music, Mixed and Mastered by Elisha Habila

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