Friday, February 15, 2019

3 reasons re-branded Savvvy products should be your cosmetic brand of choice

Savvvy Cosmetics with the triple ‘V’ is now triple better and promises to continue to deliver only the best natural skin and hair care products much so as it has been re-branded to fit into a global market outlook.

We are proud to announce the addition of another ‘V’ to our business name; this is to make us undeniably unique. To this effect, we are launching our brand new world class logo made by ace logo design agency – Dayo Abiola.

The logo defines our brand-new niche position.

The inspiration behind this new logo is the word ‘OUTSTANDING’ which is to prove that Savvvy Cosmetics is an outstanding cosmetic business from the cluster.

And we believe it is important for the public to perceive this through the logo.

Our new logo is set as a word mark. The arrangement of the letters represents the cluster and the colors give symbolic expression to the character of the business. Premised on colour symbolism - Black is for boldness to standoutfrom the cluster and Fountain Yellow and Orange are combined to represent brightness like the rising Sun.

With our vision, which is to be outstanding from the rest and be the best and no.1 natural skin and hair care product line in the world, we at Savvvy Cosmetics with the triple ‘V’ are now truly triple better. Our products give a silky glow and light texture that’s perfect for all skin types. Our products are available nationwide and we’re a click close-by on social media to ensuring your on-demand request of any of our products. We are the GLOW Company.

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