Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How Young Lady Led Dare Devil Robbers At Ikorodu Bank Attacks

Details have emerged on the robbery which occurred in the early hours of today at Ogolonto area of Ikorodu, Lagos state. A lady reportedly led the gang bank attacks and stayed outside while the operation lasted.
The leader of the gang was said to have sat down in front of the bank and was bragging, and no policeman insight was able to confront her as she was reported to have used a charm which she tied around her neck.
Sources at the Zenith bank disclosed that there were about 15 armed robbers whose ages should not be more than 20years.
The bank's safe as reported was broken with the use of dynamite and the staffs were made to lie on the floor while the robbery continued.
The young robbers were reported to have burnt three of their vehicles in front of Origin Gardens, a recreational place not far from scene of the incident, and escaped via the ferry service operated beside the Garden.
One of the owners of the garden (name withheld), whose car was burnt alongside the three jeeps, described the incident as a really shocking one.
"Nobody is ready to talk to you right now because we are all in shock. My car was burnt and I could not face the people. Don't ask me how they escaped, why didn't you come here when the robbery was going on?"
At the First Bank robbery scene, the suspects used a device to open the computerized door to gain entrance to the banking hall. Monies were carted away but no staff of the bank was killed.
Only one person was reportedly shot in the leg and has been taken to Ikorodu General Hospital for treatment.
Meanwhile, the armored tank which the policemen used to stage a pursuit of the robbers was pelted with bullets that almost penetrated the bullet-proof vehicle.
Lagos state Commissioner of Police (CP), Kayode Aderanti, who was at the escape route, told reporters that the police would investigate the matter to know how the robbers carried out their operation successfully.‎
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