Friday, June 19, 2015

Janelia Enters With Triumph Collection‎ ‎

American based Nigerian artist Janelia has been busy putting finishing touches to her forthcoming album which she completed weeks ago and she is ready to promote her latest collection titled Triumph.

Speaking from her base Janelia said;" My new album is titled "Triumph" which is named after the first song on the album. I decided to name this album "Triumph'' because despite several set-backs in my music career and personal attacks from those even closest to me, by the special grace of the almighty God I always scale through with flying colors and triumph over the enemies. 

"The song "Triumph" continues to encourage and minister to me almost as though it was not I who wrote the song but a force greater than I speaking through me. One day in our home studio, after Femi Sanya and I had finished mixing the song and getting ready to send it off to my publisher for mastering and distribution, I was taking a final quality-check listen to it and later started meditating with it playing in the background. 

"All of a sudden I got moved into tears and cried very intensely in the middle of my meditation; not out of sadness but rather these were tears of joy. "Joy" because as I was listening and meditating to "Triumph" it dawned on me that after so many years of laboring towards a major goal in my life and failing at it over and over again, just a few days prior to this incident I had reached a breakthrough." She informed. 

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  1. I love this write up from one journalist to another!