Saturday, July 25, 2015

60th Havana Carnival: Organisers Seek Sponsors Participation

Plans are underway for the successful hosting of the 60th edition of the Havana Carnival and the organisers are currently seeking ways to engage prospective sponsors for the event.
One of the marketing partners for the Carnival Mr Akin Olaiya, the CEO of Ambitus, informs that sponsors can gain economically as publicity alone does not bring in sponsors for such events.
"We have agreed that a shot be taken at activating an event that could allow sponsors six weeks of exclusive marketing opportunity pre-Havana finale so that products and services would be successfully marketed by intending sponsors." He said.
The prestigious annual carnival hosted by the Sigma Club, University of Ibadan came into existence when Sigma initiated the Havana Music Carnival in 1955 as a means of funding charitable causes for the club.

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