Monday, July 6, 2015

‎Patoranking 'Spotted'!

Rave of the moment Patoranking was spotted recently having a taste of his favourite meal while hanging out with some of his friends at a music video shoot.
They say you can take a lion out of the jungle, but you can not take the jungle out of a lion". It is worthy of note that he (Patoranking) made it from the gutter (ghetto) to be recognised as one of the most promising artistes on the music scene today. 

While present at the music-video shoot of  Yung GreyC's 'Chukwuma' featuring Patoranking which took place in Festac Town, the african reggae king threw the status of celebrity to the cleaners when he ordered for and ate ewa agoin ( locally prepared meal made of beans, oil, pepper and yam.)  Nobody could believe it, it was unimaginable. 
His action goes to show how humble the young talented artiste can be. 

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