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Introducing Gidilens

What is Gidilens?
Gidilens is a social media platform created to build a more direct connection between celebrities and their fans.

Where does the name come from?

The name 'Gidilens' was coined from two distinct words, 'gidi', a Yoruba word meaning original or  unique and 'lens' a scientific instrument used for magnifying objects.  The combination of both words gives rise to Gidilens which means magnifying unique people.

The Origin of Gidilens

The idea behind the creation Gidilens is to create a whole new fun and exciting social media platform for celebrities and their fans.  The homepage of Gidilens will feature mainly celebrities whose accounts are 'magnified'. To keep things interesting, the terminologies applied on Gidilens have been adapted from optics, a topic in physics, which means users will be introduced to the use of new words on social media.  Gidilens homepage is dedicated basically to celebrities, not because other users do not matter but because we are in an era where the widespread use of social media has facilitated a massive growth in celebrities' culture.  Celebrities use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to connect and communicate with fans by posting information about their businesses and lifestyles while in return fans can like and comment on their posts.  This, evidently, creates a more direct connection between the celebrities and their fans.  Thus, creating a world around celebrities on a social media platform is the idea behind the creation of Gidilens.    

How it works

Gidilens' homepage will feature all kinds of celebrities ; musicians,  actors and actresses,  politicians,  producers and directors,  OAPs,  bloggers,  comedians,  athletes,  TV presenters,  DJs and famous personalities. Celebrities that will feature on the homepage of Gidilens will need to have and maintain a popularity rating of at least 60%. 
This means they have to post activities regularly and interact with their fans. There is also a page for non-celebrities who are registered users where they can also post activities and interact with other users, and if a non-celebrity builds a strong fan base, his or her account becomes magnified, consequently being featured on the homepage. If a celebrity's popularity rating drops below 60%, his or her accounts would be 'demagnified' thereby dropping to the non-celebrity's page. He or she would have to rebuild the popularity rating to return to the limelight (homepage). This will inevitably create much excitement among fans and even celebrities themselves. Everyone viewing the homepage, either as a guest or as a registered member can view the activities and posts of celebrities, but in the non-celebrities page, you will have to request for friendship (zoom in) to see activities or comment on the posts of other users.

What it takes to feature/remain on Gidilens homepage?

 Maintain or grow the popularity ratings of 60% and above.  Post activities regularly.  Interact with other users.

Options on who to comment on a celeb's/user's post;

On Gidilens platform, there are two (2) options to select from in the settings page which gives a user the privilege to choose who to comment and who not to comment. If the 'Public' tab is selected, it gives access to any registered user on Gidilens to comment on the user's post and the 'Accesslist' tab is the option that gives access to only selected users to comment on the user's post. The selected users are those accepted by the celeb/user (Zoomed
in). These two (2) options were added because Gidilens was created to make it a platform where Celebrities can relate with their true fans by posting anything they want without been bashed or cut to bits by rabid fans. 
(The Public or Accesslist options can be found on the settings page of Gidilens)   
Terms used in Gidilens and their meanings;
 Lens – Homepage of Gidilens 
(The screen shot above shows Gidilens platform homepage where activities can be seen even before signing in. The sign in and sign up options can be found at the top right corner of the Homepage)
 Focus – List of users you connected with 
(The screen shot above shows list of members connected with a user)
 Line – User's page 
(Screenshot of a User's Page termed Line)
 Zoom in – Sending friend request 
 Zoom out – 'unfriend' a registered user
Impersonation of celebrities Gidilens;
Unlike other social media platform where impersonation has discouraged a lot of their registered users and even celebrities, Gidilens in this case have taken certain steps to avoid impersonation on its platform.
Registered users are our top priority and we want to ensure there are zero impersonations on Gidilens platform. The steps taken to prevent impersonations are quite simple;
 Phone Number Verification.  Presentation of a Valid ID.  An algorithm is designed on Gidilens to identify false impersonation.
The images below show several impersonations of celebrities on other social media platform, that is why we at Gidilens have taken certain steps to make sure we don't disappoint or discourage our users.  
Both Image shows Actress Funke Akindele and Funmi Martins Multiple Impersonations 
Both Image shows Musical Artist Sean Tizzle and AceTheKing Multiple Impersonations
Image showing multiple impersonation of star artist Wizkid Ayodeji

Where to find Gidilens

Log on to it comes on a mobile and web-based online platform and it also have its mobile application that can run on iOS, androids, windows mobile and BB10. The applications are available for free on Apple app store, Google play store and Blackberry app world. 

Registration on Gidilens;

Registering on Gidilens takes about 3 – 5 minutes. All it needs is e-mail confirmation and phone number verification.
What is in for celebrities and registered users?
 Celebrities would be viewed by millions of people around the globe.  Celebrities can locate and connect with one another easily since they all feature on the homepage.  Multiple accounts without verification will be deactivated.  Celebrities can get to choose who to comment on their posts unlike other social media where anyone can comment.  Videos, pictures and texts can be posted on the platform. Users can tag other users as long as they are on the focus list. 
Personal messages can be sent via an ID only know to a user. Only those that have the ID can receive personal messages.

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