Saturday, November 14, 2015

Buhari's government has a lot of issues to deal with- Dimeji Bankole

The youngest speaker in the history of the the House of Representative in Nigeria, Dimeji Bankole believes President Muhammadu Buhari's government has a lot of issues to deal with and he should be given time to articulate his plans.
Speaking at a networking event organised by young Nigerian's who were opportune to study abroad and who have also though it necessary to come back home to contribute their quota towards nation building, the former speaker said the expectations of Nigerian's are high.
"Every sector in Nigeria has issues and Buhari's government just like every other government before it has to settle those issues. His administration has to look at areas where they'll get quick gains for Nigeria while also taking into consideration the long and short term implications of its policy implementation. I cannot decide for Buhari's government but I bet there are a lot of problems for them to deal with and eventually solve for the benefit of the generality of Nigerian's". He said.
When asked why he didn't actively participate in the last general elections, Dimeji Bankole said, he chose not to partake at the last general polls.
"I don't have to contest to take part in politics. I chose not to contest at the last elections". He posited.
The politician and 9th Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, had glowing remarks for the growing number of young Nigerian's who have chosen to return home after studying abroad.
"I commend the growing number of young Nigerian's who have chosen to return home to contribute their own quota to nation building after studying abroad. 
"We need to encourage their decision to return home. I can tell you for a fact that a lot of Nigerian's in the past do not come home after studying abroad because of the opportunity and access they enjoy overseas. In countries like the US, UK and Canada where most Nigerian's study, everything works but I must commend the growing bunch that have decided to come home to take the bull by the horn by applying their expertise to the development of their communities and by extension, the country at large." He noted.

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