Saturday, November 14, 2015

‎Joke Silva talks marriage pressure

Veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva whose marriage to Olu Jacob's has been one of the time tested unions in the movie industry is glad to be preparing to celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary in a few days.
Joke was interview on twitter by Bolatito Ibitola during the Hear Word Naija campaign and the actress weighed in on marriage pressure and the pros of getting married.
When asked what marriage means to her, Joke replied thus; "Marriage means friendship, loving, fighting, laughing, worrying and togetherness."
On some of the pros of being married Joke said, "For me the biggest positive of being married is knowing I have someone always in my corner wanting what's best for me and the kids."
Joke also talked about why most parents and young girls seem to be preoccupied with marriage.
"Getting married is some woman's dream and today's reality. Once you hit the age of 30 or you are through with University, people are on your case. I guess parents want their daughters to get married because they don't want their daughters to be alone... and it also says you were 'brought up well'. She added.

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