Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kalu Ikeagwu lands TV presenting deal

Fair skinned Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu will now be the presenter/anchor of “Traffic School”- a teen talk show which will begin to air across TV stations in Nigeria from the first quarter of 2016.
Speaking at the launch of the TV program, the Chief Imagination Officer (CIO) of Traffic Warehouse Nig. Ltd, Mr. Princewill Amuchie, said, 'The specific focus of this program would be to enlighten Nigerians on traffic rules and regulations, aimed at creating a society that is aware of her responsibilities to roads in its entirety. Other areas we intend to bring to the fore would be to push the knowledge of our people on issues pertaining to ‘Air, Sea and Rail’ traffic, so that more awareness would be achieved in those sectors, thereby creating an enabling environment for safety in Nigeria.
He noted that the company’s choice of Kalu Ikeagwu among other actors considered for the job was borne out of the fact that he is good at what he does and when the need came to have a brand-face for the programme, there was no hesitation in making him the anchor.

‘‘Traffic School’’ according to Amuchie,  is Traffic Warehouse’s Social Responsibility Program designed to first, pass information, then, education and enlightenment, through programming aimed at showcasing the bad, the good and then, the ugly aspect of our roads and other traffic related situations around Nigeria, thereby, creating room for governments to be responsive and responsible to the people they govern.

A visibly exited Kalu had few words to mutter when he said ‘‘I am happy that this is happening now, which signifies the fact that doors have started opening from every angle, as this will add a lot of more value to what I do as an actor and help showcase my diversified business acumen”.

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