Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Personalised Bible App Berths In Nigeria

ToYouBible, a personalized Bible app for daily reading, meditations and Bible study has berth in Nigeria. The app, which has been enjoying massive reviews and accolades in America and other parts of the world, is an initiative of Gregory Lanre Ijiwola (Pastor Lan), a Nigerian based in Chicago, US.
ToYouBible is an app created to help readers of God’s word to enjoy a more personalized experience in their scripture readings and meditations. Ijiwola, a pastor and an alumnus of Moody Theological Seminary spent much time going through the Bible, personalizing applicable verses with sound hermeneutical principles.
Pastor Lan, as Ijiwola is fondly called, explained that “ToYouBible is solving a unique need many Bible readers and people of faith have. While the Bible contains thousands of wonderful promises to be trusted, believed and appropriated in the life of the reader, when these promises are read, they often sound generalized and distant.
“However, an app that instantly populates the name of the reader in the text of scriptures, personalizing the relevant passages makes Bible-reading come alive, enhancing the devotional and faith-building experience of the readers.” 
He added that “several individuals are helping us to bring awareness of the app to people. Pastor Sam Adeyemi helped to announce it at Daystar to launch it in Nigeria. Leke Alder, J.J Omojuwa and others tweeted about it.  Since that time, it rose to be the number one book app in the Nigeria IOS store.”
Ijiwola currently serves as the Lead Pastor of The CityLight Church in Chicago. He also facilitates the Leading Lights Network –a training and mentoring network of leaders with the mission of filling cities with God's glory through excellence in their spheres of influence. 
He has an undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering, a Masters in Urban Studies from Moody Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Psychology. 
He is passionate about purposeful and maximized living, missions, innovation, community transformation and leadership. He has written extensively on these subjects and speaks frequently on them internationally at various gatherings. 
A firm believer in the creative brainchild, He is the inventor of the ToYouBible app and other innovative products used internationally. 
ToYouBible, available on iOS and Android, can be downloaedd both at http://ToYouBible.com or directly from the AppStore and PlayStore. 

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