Thursday, June 16, 2016

Seyi Shay to deliver lecture at West Indies University

The question on every one’s lips is what is Seyi Shay doing in the Caribbean?? The answer: this amazing lady has been invited to Jamaica by the world renown University of the West Indies.

She will be giving a lecture at the prestigious University, to student aspiring to take on the international Entertainment industry, after speaking with a head professor in the University Dr Sonja we were made to realise that our very own golden girl is an international inspiration, she will be sharing her knowledge of the business of music and giving tips and advice on giving back and maintaining who you are in the industry and remaining in your course, smartly.

During her stay so far Seyi has been opportuned to converse and share knowledge with award winning Author Dr Sonjah Stanley Niaah and leading Professor in Culture and Arts Dr. Caroline Cooper .

Her second day in Kingston saw her hanging out with award winning, number one selling singer song writer OMI who is now her “cheerleader” they caught up for a meeting to discuss future plans in his personal studios in uptown Kingston before he headed off for the second leg of his tour, I can see an amazing collaboration coming along.
All this comes at a time when Seyi Shay is focusing on her social responsibilities as well as her music and empowering the next generation and others with her story and support, this young lady is truly evolving before our eyes.

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