Monday, July 11, 2016

Man seeking extra-marital affair online, hooks up with mother on Tinder

A 44-year-old British man, Jessie Cohen revealed his worst nightmare when he informed that his quest to seek extra marital affair cost him his marriage and dignity when he discovered that the woman he met on an online dating site known as Tinder was his own mother.

“I met her at the hotel; she was wearing a feathery mask and a daunting corset. It was dark, we started kissing” he remembers, visibly shaken.

“I had barely spoken a word that she took me into bed. It is only the next morning that we fully realized what had just happened,” he recalls in agony.

“I felt so dirty; I started crying like a little girl. I called up my wife and told her the whole story. I haven’t heard from her since” he told a reporter, tears in his eyes.

Mr. Cohen admits he wishes he had never used tinder in the first place.

“I was seeking an extramarital affair to spice up my sex life, so I used a fake name on Tinder. My mother did the same thing as well. She was wearing a wig and I had just shaved my head, we really had no idea who the other person was”, he admits.

“One of my psychiatrists said that we possibly did this on purpose, that it was some sort of Oedipus complex or something. I left his office because I was going to punch him in the face”, he recalls.


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