Sunday, January 22, 2017

Big Brother Naija: 5 reasons Ebuka will make a good host of the show

Ever since lawyer and media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was named the host of the of Big Brother Naija reality TV show, so much has been said and is expected of him as the anchor of the show which is making a return 10 years after.

To say the least, Ebuka who has come ‘full circle’ being one of the housemates of the first installment of Big Brother Naija now incidentally has big shoes to fill as the host of the reality TV show.

Blessed with an infectious smile and a charismatic persona, Ebuka will usher the housemates into the Big Brother Naija house and will take up the mission of dishing out tasks and announcing evictees on a weekly basis.

His announcement has been greeted with lots of excitement and high expectations to the delight of many who are looking forward to the suspense and thrills the show promises. 

In no particular order, listed below are five reasons Ebuka will make a good host of the show which kicks off today, Sunday, January 22nd.
1.      For the very obvious reason that he was on the show as a contestant, he is pretty much familiar with the trappings and intrigues of the show - no surprise there.
2.      He looks good on TV! Yes ladies you have our permission to drool. He will be some real eye candy for the next 11 weeks. Oh hi! Cynthia.
3.      He is versatile! From his well-tailored suits and interrogatory posture on Rubbin’ Minds to his T-shirts and informal conversations on The Spot, Ebuka has mastered both roles that he slips into either effortlessly.
4.      Still on that tip, can we all agree that everything looks good on him? Put him in a tux, a shirt, an agbada or anisiagu top, he will still give you #stylegoals.
5.      Can we just take a moment to appreciate his signature laugh and captivating smile? We look forward to seeing a lot of that on the show.

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