Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The misconception of Bitcogate as an MLM

Do not be judgmental until you have read this. If you are serious about making money you have to pay attention.

You probably have read many stories about crypto currencies, in particular, bitcoin and eventually found out that it wasn’t as easy as they made it seem. But truth is it is not as hard as you may be inclined to think. If you must succeed this year, you would have to take seriously bitcoin and bitcoin investment platforms. I want to inform you how amidst this financial crisis in the nation how you can make it and make it big. I have followed various MLM in the past, some paid off (maybe not as good as I expected) others were just a sham. On the 20th of December 2016, a peer-to-peer platform name Bitcogate with website bitcogate.com launched. People looked at it and saw its promises, some smart people signed up and in as little as 10 days having invested about N10,500 (0.02 bitcoin) they profited as much as N100,000 and with an expectation of making about N23,000,000 monthly by doing nothing but promoting the website among their friends. Yes doing nothing more after making a contribution of 0.02 bitcoin which is about N10, 500.

However, this write up is not about advertising those that have made it on bitcogate.com (they are numerous and reality speaks for itself, you may want to find out for yourself on Bitcogate Facebook page and WhatsApp groups), this write up is about the misconception of Bitcogate as one of those MLM. Bitcogate is not an MLM (multi-level marketing) because you don’t market it to anyone, it doesn’t have a referral link or mandated invites to profit from it. All you have to do is go to bitcogate.com and sign up, make a donation of 0.02 bitcoins which is about N10,500 and relax while technology works for you as you receive referrals automatically from those who sign up after you.

Now let me show you how the earning amount to 55 bitcoin (over 23 million naira)

* Start with 0.02 bitcoin to upgrade to level 1

* Bitcogate system assign 2 down lines for you to upgrade to level 2,

That is how the matrix starts

Bitcogate is a level 1 to 5 cycle, at level 5 you cycle out and you start all over again.

No subscriptions, No Down line Hunting.

Bitcogate is not even up to a month and they have hit 4,000 plus members.              

*So now, how do we get to the top where we all want to be?*

1st step is to Join bitcogate.com today and be rest assured that you will be a millionaire soon!

*How Do I Join?*

You need to create a free bitcoin wallet, www.blockchain.info/wallet# and have it funded with at least 0.0203 bitcoin.

As hundreds of thousands of members join, be rest assured you will be a millionaire soon!!

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Same link. Bitcogate.com/register

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