Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Favour Flies Africa's Flag High in Brazil

Nigerian gospel music artist, Favour Ndukwe, currently based in far away Brazil is making the country proud in the South American country teaching African way of life, particularly dance, dressing and language. 

Ndukwe, who released her first album, 'Beautiful God' in 2010, has a unique African background which was first recognised by a Brazillin goverment school, Escola  de Prefeture, Emef Vereadora Anna Lambetge Zeglio, Sao Paulo where she was invited to teach the students cultural misic with African themes and every thing about África.

Discussing her attachment to her African root, Ndukwe said: "I have been away from Nigeria for about five years, though I truly miss home and I know my fans miss too.  I miss you all  so much. My intrest in the peace in África and espercially in Nigéria, remembering we are  the mother of África, has sustained my resolve to be a cultural ambassador for the continent."

Presently in talks with other schools in Brazil and other countries, the Abia State-born musician is working on a new álbum, Big Big God and she is fine tuning her plan for a world tour next year.

"Music has been a lovely friend to me, and so, where ever I go in the world, music speaks for me. I love music and the African culture. I am particularly greatful to my fans in Nigeria, South Africa and around the world for making me big today," she said.

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