Saturday, November 14, 2015

'We need to redesign the internal configurations of our party'- Bode George

A clarion call has been sounded by former national vice-chairman in the southwest zone of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), chief Bode George for the party to redesign it's internal configuration.
The former Military Governor of Ondo State, ex Chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority, made the call at a Public Lecture staged by Minerva Philosophical Association with the theme: 'Leadership, Change and National Continuity'.
Speaking at the lecture, chief Bode George said; "Our party has been hit by a huge blow but we are not technically knocked out. This is the first time in our history when an incumbent leader is voted out of power and for that reason, we need to redesign the internal configurations of our party.
"I have been part of government for many years and I know that nations are sustained by enlightened debates rather than partisan politics which should give way for balanced sharing of ideas and focus. The reality on ground today is that we have a new government and we must respect that. We must move forward because leadership shouldn't be frozen. There must be a juncture where dialogue must reign supreme for the greater good of our nation which must be attained. 
"Every nation is about renewal and change; as a party in opposition, we must not bend towards partisan perspectives ahead of national good.  An enlightened leader must put up political structures that'll allow for national unity. Every leader is confined to a role and time. No man will be there forever. As opposition, we must engage the government in power with civility knowing fully well that the nation is greater that any political party or ideology," he added.
In his remarks at the lecture, former Senator, Bode Olajumoke said there needs to be a general change of attitude among politicians and Nigerians in general. 
"Since independence, Nigeria has had a challenge with leadership. This country would have been a better place to live in if we continuously had leaders that had set up enduring institutions which we obviously lack at the moment. That is not to say that we haven't had good leaders in the past whose legacies still live on.
"Another important point of note is the attitude of the average Nigerian which in my opinion should be reformed. Simple courtesy should be encouraged. Our leaders need to inculcate such values to our youths. This country has a great future, but we haven't had the right leadership in the past," he said.
In his closing remarks at the lecture which had personalities such as Prince Uthman Dosunmu, Professor Olukayode, Engineer Femi Gbajabiamila and Barrister Akinsanya among others, Professor Babajide Elesho said; "As long as we have a country, we are still in the process of building a nation. About three weeks  ago, I was at a forum with Pat Utomi and I reminded him that issues we've discussed and debated upon 26-27 years ago are still in the front burner in present day Nigeria. We must move forward, we mustn't remain static. All hands must be on deck for us to build a nation that we all dream of". He said.

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