Monday, December 21, 2015

Flakes From D'Banj's Private Viewing Event

On Tuesday the 15th of December 2015, D’Banj hosted members of the press to an intimate private viewing of his long awaited visual EP “An Epic” Journey. The press briefing which held at Silverbird Cinemas in Ikeja City Mall saw D’Banj mix and relate with members of the press in a more intimate manner.

Apologizing for his unintentional lateness, D’Banj’s arrival was marked with a comic gesture as he we down on his knees to apologize to members of the press assuring them he was delayed by circumstances beyond his control.

D’Banj then joined the press to view his visual EP for the first time. The 30-minute-long movie intrigued and engaged members of the media as they got to witness D’Banj creatively connecting every music video to tell a story. Hits like Knocking on my Door, Confidential, Feeling the N***a and The King is here were all included in the 30 minute long movie.

At the end of the movie D’Banj took centre stage to speak with members of the press about his 10 year anniversary. All the highlights he recalls from the duration of the year in review and his proposed Koko Tour which he has referred to as the Icing on the Cake. D’Banj will embark on his first ever 4 City Koko Concert which will take place in Abuja, Owerri, Warri and end in Lagos. He stressed on wanting his fans nationwide to be a part of his 10 year celebration, hence the decision to spread the Koko Concert to different axis.

D’Banj also discussed other issues and rumours making way across the media, most prevalent the rumoured reunion of him with Don Jazzy and them making music together again. D’banj declared “I and Don Jazzy have worked together. The songs will soon be ready,”. We’ll have to wait and see to know when these two power houses unveil what they have been working on.

He also addressed rumours about Olamide stealing music from his camp and declared them as being very untrue. The press briefing ended at SLOT’s retail store at the Ikeja City mall where D’Banj spoke more on his endorsement deal and partnership with the electronic giants and both parties unveiled the DKM Slot Machines that will be available nationwide in all Slot outlets from 2016. The DKM MEDIA SLOT machine is a device that enables people to buy Original creative content in the form of CDs , DVDs as well as Digital content directly. This initiative will aim to curb piracy and help to provide an active market for the creative industry. D’banj said: ”When I signed with Slot, a lot of people didn’t understand why. It was more for me as a partnership and we are coming out with something in 2016 which is the DKM media stand."

“Why I said this is because in October 2014, I got my Apple deal (Beats by Dre) and when I was about to bring the merchandise into the country, the first question Jimmy asked me is ‘Do you guys have this Beats by Dre in Nigeria’? I said ‘Yes but I don’t know if you guys have distribution directly in Nigeria and we have such a big market’.

That’s when it struck me and I said if you can design one for me and I can go and look for my own distribution, I’ll be able to bring my own line into the country. So that’s where the idea came from.”

“I want people who say Alaba is the only key to distribution, to see that beyond Alaba that we have another form of distribution right in our front because if you walk into any media store abroad, they sell CDs and DVDs.”

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