Monday, August 7, 2017

Spanish actress makes Nollywood debut

The lure of the Nigerian movie industry nicknamed Nollywood which has continued to attract foreign talent who see the opportunity to get the needed exposure by featuring in indigenous movie productions.

The latest in the long list of thespians who have decided to showcase their aptitude on the movie scene is a Spanish actress named Artolachipi was part of the cast of an intriguing suspense filled with drama titled Down the Hills.

Subtitled in Spanish, the movie thriller revolves around Monica, a young Spanish author who moved to Nigeria after she met and fell in love with a successful Nigerian business man, Alex.

However Monica's “Love Journey to Nigeria” is terrorized by a daily nightmare about an unknown mysterious couple Dr Oscar and his sophisticated wife Vera.

‎The movie was released on the stable of Uwafilms production and it is produced and directed by Evelyn Ogbeide.

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